Cadiz in the rear view mirror – Miscellany, Pt. 3

Here’s a bit more: Two of the cooler statues around town – Carlos Edmond de Ory (Spain’s Ginsberg) who jumps off his pedestal and two ladies rolling cigars; one of four or five famous 100 year old gumtrees; of and from Alameda Apodaca park; and the Vail family in the library after school (at least three days a week).

Here’s a pano from Torre Tavira. In addition to the view from the top, they provide a live tour via camera obscura from the inside.IMG_6938

Here’s a pano from the Castle of San Sebastian looking back toward Cadiz right after sunrise.IMG_7138

Here’s a clip from Veronica’s school’s Christmas show…

Here’s a clip of Charlie on his scooter, one of many…

Beautiful Cadiz from the top of Torre Tavira…

Waving goodbye…

Here’s a farewell glimpse of the Cadiz peninsula from our plane to Morocco.


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