Sevilla Later, Pt. 6

As mentioned, we’ve moved on to Cadiz, but here are a few more images of Sevilla. In addition to some nice buildings, here’s my favourite clip of street musicians so far (put an accordion with a sax and guitar, add some beats and a funky bass, oh yeah). And we had a chance to have dinner with some great folks, Batur & Pepa and their children (deja vu of our friends Mehmet & Delma in La Honda, except two girls instead of two boys). Batur is Mehmet’s cousin and they grew up together in Turkey. Like Mehmet, he married a Spanish woman (equally formidable). Both are professors, Batur in music, Pepa in physics, and we couldn’t stop talking about everything. They are truly lovely people (their charming daughters were off playing & chatting with our similarly aged kids), and we really hope they will come visit us in Cadiz and California!

IMG_5809 IMG_5917  IMG_6047 IMG_6051


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