From Sevilla (Cadiz, Portugal, etc.), Pt. 5

Seville is a beautiful city with fabulous features. The Alcazar, the Cathedral, the University, the Archive, the Parasol, and of course the many charming streets and cafes are just part of its allure. However, our apartment on the outskirts lacked some allure. No wifi, 6th floor, sketchy neighbourhood, and a longish bus ride into the center of town indicated to us that we would not be staying for the month we’d signed up for.  So we just stayed there for a week and our host kindly worked out a deal and gave us a refund. During the week, we did experience the city, but also took a couple trips outside. First to Cadiz where we decided to move (and a side trip to the white town of Jerez de la Frontera, then to Tavira, Portugal for a day at the beach. So here are some pix & clips from our trips…

IMG_5790 IMG_5792   IMG_5798 IMG_5799 IMG_5801 IMG_5802   IMG_6007 IMG_6017

One thought on “From Sevilla (Cadiz, Portugal, etc.), Pt. 5

  1. That’s some seriously blue sky! Did you use a filter? Sorry about the apartment, was this the one with the dog barking or the one you were moving into?


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