More Morvan

Here are some miscellaneous shots from Burgundy and around our AirBnb in Montjouan. The archeological site is at the Gaulic settlement of Bibracte atop Mont Beauvray (and the video is driving from it). Next door to our farm house was another very pretty one owned by some Parisian Buddhists.  The Cafe Tabac is closed, an indicator of the decline in the region. (A neighbor told me that once there were 20 farms in the area, now only two.) The “Cave” key opened our basement, and classic dungeon of a room featuring at least one live bat. 
IMG_5202 (1)
IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5224 IMG_5238 IMG_5239IMG_5035

2 thoughts on “More Morvan

  1. The photo of the pasture…. lighting is fantastic. My skeptical side wants to say it’s photoshopped but the rest of me is just loving the natural light.


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