The Art of Living

Our AirBnb in Montjouan is taken care of by Janna & Jacques, artists who have a school and studios in the village of Larochemillay. Their school is call Roche Culturelle (Here’s the French version of their website: Not only is the village charming, their house (formerly a convent, then the vicar’s house), school building (a church school), and garden elegant, but the set up they described (one week of school followed by one week free through the summer only) seems ideal. We were given a tour by Jacques one day, had a drink/chat with Janna on another, and both times got to meet some of their interesting art students (seemed like mostly professional adults). It appeared that they have mastered the art of living…

IMG_5179IMG_5240 IMG_5245 IMG_5246 IMG_5247IMG_5176 IMG_5177

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