Paris, Pt. 1

Not only have we been on the go, good wifi has been scarce, and WordPress doesn’t work very well – horribly slow photo uploads and I can’t make it look the way I’d like. Thus, have I not posted for several days…

Nonetheless, its been a busy several days. After exploring the Rhine, we spent a day in Mainz, explored the pedestrian zone & a cathedral, and learned a little about Martin Luther and Johannes Gutenberg. The next day we drove to Paris via Luxembourg and arrived at our little flat in La Chapelle. It is very small and funky (euphemism for rather dilapidated), but in a vibrant multi-cultural neighborhood, near many shops & cafes, and around the corner from a Metro station. Besides, we’ve only spent some hours here today after last nights festivities.

After going to the Eiffel Tower and merely looking at the long lines to go up, we made our way to Montmartre for the Fete des Vendages (an annual wine festival). This charming yet touristy locale was particularly packed for the event. But we stayed, enjoyed the festival vendors and the street performers, and watch the fireworks show that night. We met some new friends who will take us up the Montparnasse Tower this evening, and had an adventure coming home through the throngs of revelers on a Saturday night in Paris.

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