On to the Continent…

With bittersweet fondness, we left Pemsey Farm and the UK, and went to Europe. (The last night we had a little party with the help of the fish & chips truck that parks near the pub.) After a taxi to the station, a train to Dover, and the ferry to Calais, we picked up our rental car and drove to Ghent (awesome GPS thru the narrow streets straight to our modern hostel in the old part of town).

Yesterday we went to Bruges, had lunch in the marketplace and took a ride on the canal boats. Enjoyed another wonderful dinner in Ghent, and listened to a concert by carillon bells in a tower and a violin. Today we’re off to Brussels and Germany.

IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3901 IMG_3918 IMG_3927 IMG_3933 IMG_3934


One thought on “On to the Continent…

  1. We love following your journey! You’re both taking awesome pics. You may have to do a summary post for fun of all the funny “eyes only” pics of yourself in various places! 🙂 Ghent did, indeed, look beautiful! Helping us create our own must visit list. 🙂


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