Brighton & back

After a day exploring Lewes (and switching from a B&B to the White Hart Hotel), we went to Brighton to take a look at the famous Pavillion and the Pier. We met Aunt Heather’s cousin Gavin for lunch at a rustic vegetarian restaurant on the charming Kensington Gardens Street and had a nice chat. He walked us back to the station and we returned to Lewes to have a proper high tea with Peter & Beatrice Bennett, friends of Martin Bates (Gavin’s brother). It was lovely and a nice chance for the kids to experience a quintessential aspect of British culture. (I had met them earlier at a meeting of the Headstrong Club, a discussion and debate group originally including Tom Paine.)

IMG_3642  IMG_3671 IMG_3673 IMG_3678 IMG_3684IMG_3652

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