Amazingly it was 42 years ago that I went to school in Lewes when my first family took a sabbatical. For the last three days we have explored what was and still is a charming English town. In addition to the school (which has changed its name and clientele), we visited the Norman castle, the Priory ruins, the Southover Grange, the home of Tom Paine, the High Street, Anne of Cleves house, and numerous other sites in Lewes. Interestingly, Dacres (the house we rented on Kingston Road) is being dramatically renovated – it was rather modern before, now it is almost futuristic, in distinct contrast to the many antiquarian cottages surrounding it. Ah, that we could be renovated, rather than having our old bones become like the old stones in the remnants of the past.

In this set of pix, a completely renovated Dacres, in and around Lewes including the Castle, Southover Grange, the Priory Ruins, and my old school…

IMG_3577 IMG_3693 IMG_3633  IMG_3595 IMG_3566 IMG_3551 IMG_3548


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