The Journey to the East…

…that we began yesterday certainly was not as the crow flies. It was as American Airlines flies when you are using frequent flyer miles at the last minute. In this case, it was from SFO to LAX, then a midnight red eye to MIA, then a much delayed flight to BOS. Booked it was, before we’d planned leaving from NYC two days later, but it seemed a good idea at the time…

So, even though a train was recommended and retrospectively might have been preferable given the traffic and considerable roadwork, I rented a car and drove from Boston to the tip of Manhattan (stopping briefly at Harvard for a less-than-meaningful college visit).

While Siri is kind and timely and GPS is an amazing tool, it doesn’t always consider the lack of signs corresponding to the verbal instructions. Thus did we accidentally take an extra trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. But we found our hotel, an equally expensive parking space, and the first 24 hours has been showered off before snoozing in an actual bed…


One thought on “The Journey to the East…

  1. Wow! Quite a start.. I’m exhausted though glad to hear of the details to your start of this adventure. I look forward to the many more experiences to come. Glad you are all good. You all will have time on the ship to recharge. Hugs to all.


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