Happy Old Year, Part 2

Except for a starting shot of my precious family, this first batch are several nature excursions, some facilitated by my ebike of awesomeness. We’ve had more than a few spectacular sunsets, and I was back out on the marsh – one day up Pescadero Creek, another up Butano. Then there were some great rides up Gazos (the old Mountain Camp burned in the fires) and above Pie Ranch (another view of scorched earth). Pick some pix…

Then, there were some fun school events (in the current school year) – the Halloween Carnival, El Dia de los Muertos (can you see grandpa Frank Fagerburg’s picture on the shrine next to Margaret), and the LHPUSD school board candidate student-led forum. Congratulations to winners Allison & Veronica…

Of course, Art is a common theme here at randomvail.com, so just a sampling of the young artistes at work…

One startling event was the crazy car accident nephew Lucas Lawson was in one evening. Rearended at high speed by a drunk driver, he and a friend were pushed off the road, several flips of the car, but amazingly minimal damage to “Lucky” & his buddy. (The Honda emblem on the boot (belonging to the perp.?) were just souvenirs of, perhaps, the miraculous…?)

A ride into Pescadero Creek County Park had no signs dissuading me from exploring the long-closed and dilapidated Sheriff’s Honor Camp, formerly known as Camp Pomponio (infamous temporary home of author Ken Kesey). Like the incarceration facilities on Log Cabin Ranch Road, this place could be repurposed! Turn a Prison into a School

A very random sampling: Porter College art, Ocean Gallery art (HMB), crap PD Zoom, custodian Jose demonstrating my Civil War rifle in class, a ride with Dave Crane, the world’s heaviest pumpkin, a walk at Waddell, and lil’ Charlie turned 20 years old…

Please know, I’m picky when it comes to posts. For every picture you see there are dozens of other great ones you don’t.

Thanks for looking.

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