Self-Referential, Part 6

As it turns out, I’ve got more than one Youtube channel, both of which are devoid of subscribers, thus however do I have more stuff to post here. Some of these are blasts from the past, but as a history teacher, I make no apologies. Looking back always helps us look forward! (Still gotta figger out YT.)

Charlie on fiddle, from one of Mary Lynn’s concerts at La Honda Elementary School…

Simple Gifts

Veronica vocals, at Louanne’s & Sharon’s wedding in Florida back in 2013…

Someone Like You

I made this Bon Voyage slideshow for Elayna, my cousin Susan’s daughter, when she embarked on a semester at sea a couple of years ago. Sadly, Susan, born one day after me, died of cancer, and the father has not been around. Happily, Elayna is a buoyant, upbeat, and life-loving young lady. The first half are pix from Susan’s family, the last half from ours, with an emphasis on traveling the world…

For Elayna…

Kind of a sequel to our world trip in ’15-’16, since we had not visited South America then, was a summer trip to Peru & Bolivia in 2019. As in Morocco, we went with Intrepid and had a great time. It was a particularly fun group of people who our kids connected with. This trip was well documented at the time, but here’s a summary slideshow I made not too long ago. (Sorry for the generic music.)

Peru & Bolivia with Intrepid

You’d think I’d make more videos, but I sorta feel like others do a better job, so I am more of curator than a producer. However, during the Covid-infected 20-21 school year we were asked to make bilingual videos for Back-to-School-Night. I’m including this because I was employing a kind of scrapboard look and in the background it shows the slideshow I made for the Pescadero Middle/High School website which I’d created (now replaced, much to my consternation). And it shows one of Google Classrooms, my blog, and the free online textbook I’ve been using for the last couple years (serendipitously featuring the Supreme Court chapter). Apologies for my Spanish…

Back-to-School Night 2020

This last video was too long for the actual Outride Bikes grant proposal (being over 3 minutes), so I put some of these clips on a slideshow. However, it does not show the clips from Greg Virgallito (jumping and riding a wheelie) and myself (see the slideshow). We got the grant and now there are 25 Specialized mountain bikes on campus for our students to use. No soundtrack, just the basics…

Outride Bikes – Riding for Focus

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