Archival Pix, Part 3

While parts 1 & 2 featured the ’70’s & ’80’s, this post is mostly ’90’s. Again, random selections from many albums. So, this first batch might seem like a lot of photos, but it represents six albums in one crate, and spans years. In fact, you can kinda tell by how much Laleyna grows.

Harry Perry was my paternal grandmother’s dad, who in fact was a member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature – the picture was taken when Nancy & I drove across the country to a family reunion. Steven Whalen snorkeling in Hawaii, and Dan & I lurking to the farmers’ market in Santa Monica. Then, two trips to Tahoe to see Anthony growing up. Swinging in Rustic Canyon. Europe trips with students. And a whole bunch of Laleyna – the first of her generation – and various family members, even including Uncle Byrns. (More fishin’.) So, Montana, North Hollywood High, and my Global Exchange Reality Tour to Cuba, summer 1996. A stunning Miss Walters, and some graduates…

In fact, that previous batch only alludes, with only a couple of pix, to the four educational summer trips with students to Europe I took in the early ’90’s, thanks to Phyllis Spadafora. Lots of pix, great times, very educational for me (made a bunch of videos in a box somewhere).

Related, this next batch starts off with a Yosemite trip (I took five in the last ’90’s, all Highly Gifted Magnet Senior Trips, after the Advanced Placement exams. Then, it looks like one or two of several road trips up to Oregon where Ron did his residency this resided for a bit. One time we climbed Mt. McLoughlin.

This next collection features North Hollywood High (my Ecology Club, ML’s Choir, and later some classes of kids), a Caribbean cruise (thanks to Louanne), visits to Florida, Catalina, March Air Force Base, etc. Service projects: tree planting in NoHo and a Habitat for Humanity house in Watts. It ends with some singular events: Aunt Mildred in Riverside, matching jammies, tea time at the Huntington with Aunt Lourene, a Naturalist Academy banquet, speaking with Alice Waters about school gardens at Ecofarm (a big event in our family for other reasons).

Yeah, I took five senior trips to Yosemite, five international trips with students, but ELEVEN Rustic Canyon hikes (an annual event for over a decade). Over the years, there’ve been a lot of pix of that strange place. Check it out.

Then, Louanne & ML at the Getty overlooking the 405, Homer & Steve sitting with Aunt Lourene at one of ML’s gigs. In addition to all those other adventures, we also took camping trips with Naturalist students to Catalina and Santa Cruz Islands, of the Channel Islands, California’s own archipelago. (See this book by my former Ecology prof.)

The rest of this batch is our ecotour in Costa Rica with Naturalist Academy scholars of excellence..

Here’s another Yosemite trip, the last one I took in ’99 when the cables were finally up on Half Dome. (Scroll Down.) Then, me shaking hands with Scott Wilson, former teacher in the NHHS Agriculture Area, graduation, and then…

We got married! (With students & friends.) Then, two of our three honeymoons (Alaskan cruise & Southeast Asia). Then, more family time, school events, the gum wall in SLO town, and much miscellany…

This last batch starts off with the beautiful Mary Lynn. Then Choir & Naturalist stuff. Then Mom & Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party in Sun Valley, Idaho. Then and little more everything all over again…

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Archival Pix, Part 3

  1. Nice pix! Good to see Uncle Byrnsie, the folks w/ Stan & Betty, the Mt Mc Loughlin climb and yes, a stunning Miss Walters!

    XX, RE


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