Hello Friends,

I’m not even sure “hiati” is a word, but I’m going for “hiatus” in the plural ’cause randomvail.com has been spotty, more like not happenin’ for the last school year. These “lacunae” (there I go makin’ stuff up again) are attributable to getting back in the classroom for the first year I’d been excited about in awhile. After rich documentation of the fun summer of 2019, now a year ago, I only posted my premature (postmature?) attempt to create a business. (Got a job, don’t need a business. What ’til you retire… Or longer?) A personal glitch I guess…

It was already a busy year taking over Kevin Allen’s job as the PHS Social Studies teacher as he became the Principal. (Busy work = lazy bloggage.) Then came the Covid-19 pandemic and the school gig went online. I had more time to post, but did not. It was weird, and it still is as the quarantine and Covid protocols persist. However, I hope to catch up now that summer 2020 is past the halfway point. Thus, I’m digging back thru my pix to last fall and will document the recent past, hopefully eventually encroaching on the future. Thanks for the encouragement!


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