Ciudad del Cielo, Part 2

The rest of the family was either sick or sick & tired, in any case not willing to adventure forth – as I am oft compelled to do. This set, mostly a return to Plaza Murillo and Calle Jaen, a charming street on the tourist list lined with museums…


Just off Calle Jaen, at the end of the street, is the (Bolivian) Museum of Musical Instruments


At the lower end of Calle Jaen, across from the Museum of Musical Instruments, is the Mamani Mamani Gallery…


Speaking of art, on my ramblings about La Paz I encountered lots, purposeful, guerrilla, and incidental…


In conclusion, here’s some miscellany, including street performers, folkloric dancers, mysterious colonial buildings, Andes, Incans, and a lovely coffee house we found around the corner from our apartment.


Our way home was long. Starting with a check out time of noon and first leg departure of 7:00. Then a five hour layover in Santa Cruz, followed by a six hour flight to Panama City. The twelve hour layover there allowed us to take a little tour of the town and the Panama Canal! We’re not home yet…

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