Washington DC, Part 3

On our third full day in DC, we first took a free trolley to Union Station, then a metro to Takoma Park, then a bus to ML’s old college, formerly Columbia Union College (now Washington Adventist University), from whence she went to Kenya. Only pic here: the gym. Then we went to Georgetown, specifically the waterfront where we had lunch. The heatwave is intense (in fact it probably caused the tropical downpour we avoided in the restaurant), and after lunch it was hard to walk very far (altho’ we made down the waterfront, then up along a main drag. Charming, but hot. So we jumped in a cab for home (our Airbnb), but first went by the Watergate Building down in the “Foggy Bottom” section between Georgetown & Washington (it seems)…

I kind of like the heat, and I can walk all day, so I took a stroll around the neighborhood. In fact, H Street has little history and a lot of culture. Some pix from the hood…

4th of July, 2018. After a late start, we made it to the parade on time! Found a spot in front of the National Archive, right at the beginning of the mile-long parade route. Lots of HS bands, interesting groups like Falun Dafa and Sikhs of America, and military stuff. Included here: morning grumpies and a coupla Trumpies…

We went back to the Smithsonian Castle for lunch, then to the Hirshhorn for some modern art (according to Veronica, a bunch of “blue dots”). Still, some ideas…

Then we went to the vast Museum of Natural History. Included here: mammals, origins of life, ocean life, gems & minerals (and the Hope Diamond), mummies, bugs & butterflies, great photography, and some compelling miscellany. To my children (who I hope will check this out someday), here’s what you might not have seen while you were doing something else! Perhaps I should explain that I’m a vigorous museum goer. While I do not stop to read every interpretive bit of signage, I take in a lot quickly, scanning, stopping, reviewing & revisiting. It’s hard on the feet, and perhaps on the brain, but I enjoy the flow. However, those with me might not enjoy it the same way. It’s a big world and these are some of the world’s greatest museums, and I love them. Partly because I’ve come to learn that I am not so much a teacher as a curator, and I like to know what curators do. Here’s but a glimpse…

We took a break, going back to the flat for naps, R&R, and a spot of Popeye’s! Then we headed out again to catch the 4th of July fireworks show on the national mall. There was a concert at the Capitol, but we went further east toward the Washington Monument. Here ya go with the “bombs bursting in air.” Catch the finale video at the end…

Tomorrow we’re off to New York City, but first stopping at Perrydell Farm in York, PA.

2 thoughts on “Washington DC, Part 3

  1. What an extraordinary trip you’ve enjoyed. Sorry the heat has been a challenge but it’s been on the news, so I guess it’s been extra HOT!! Keep a happy spirit and know my love is with you moment by moment. Hugs to the Perry clan–XO


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