The Historic Triangle

From North Carolina we drove up to Williamsburg, Virginia for three days in the historical triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. Be prepared for a vast post! Even so these are just of few of my pix.

Apparently, the renovation of colonial Williamsburg was begun by the Rockefellers and continues to this day. The extra special bits are the people in period costumes reenacting the past as artisans and historical figures. We went to two great talks by Thomas Jefferson and James Armistead (Lafayette’s African-American spy) and experience numerous folks in shops and around town. We participated in a mock trial and explored part of the town…

Jamestown involves both the museum and reconstructed settlement as well as the historical area and an Archaearium. There are models of a Powhatan village, the Jamestown Fort, the ships that brought the colonists, and numerous displays. In addition, there was an outstanding glass making and glass blowing presentation. Take your time…

Yorktown, while nearby, is more about events over 150 years after the Jamestown settlement – the American Revolution. The focus is on the last battle of the Revolution in which Washington defeats Cornwallis. Of course there are many more details in the museums, movies, driving tours, etc. We experienced them all, including the actual town and a more local and much smaller museum & art gallery. Favorite? You decide…

Back to Williamsburg. Yes, we had to, there is so much to see and do. This set includes more of the town, the five o’clock military march (two days – two different uniforms), and the vast decorative arts museum the vastness of which is rather hidden as part of it is underground. Also, there’s a pic in here of Karen, our waitress at the Shield Tavern, and one of the best promoters and interpreters of Williamsburg (and the food was great)…

Next up, we’re heading to Monticello to learn some stuff about TJ…


2 thoughts on “The Historic Triangle

  1. I’ve just had the delightful enjoyment of looking at all this–your words and pictures–first thing this Friday morning as I drink a cup-a-coffee! What a fabulous experience for C and V (whether they realize it or not) as well as for you and ML!! XO


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