School’s Out 2018, Part 1: Pix

Spring semester done sprung! Here’re some pix, mostly family & school events over the last few months. Rather miscellaneous, but good times!

First up, Charlie was on the Tennis Team (with doubles partner & good buddy Thomas and others) and played violin in the pit for the HMB High Musical (The Little Mermaid).

Charlie also was selected to read a poem he wrote for the San Mateo County Poet Laureate (Lisa Rosenburg) Ekphrasis Poetry Contest. I took a workshop at Stanford with author Marguerite Engle (withie). Saw Black Panther in Redwood City, kids had facials, Veronica ended the basketball season with coach Martin Dioli, and one time at least Charlie mowed the lawn…

And yeah, it seems I get out in nature frequently enough. Big hikes from above Cuesta, to Hidden Valley Ranch, and in Pescadero Creek County Park. Spring flowers, not-very-sluggish banana slugs, a sunset, big trees, old wood, cool rocks, sweet Sugar Pie, and a Super Blue Moon…

We had a few great family visits. First, cousin Steve & Christina brought baby Freya, 2nd cousin (?) Elayna & friend up to Santa Cruz. Then, brother Ron & Heather brought their whole clan (Laleyna & Daniel, Julian & Livi – with a bun in the oven) on a stop from Europe back to New Zealand. They came for Mary Lynn’s LH spring concert, and we had a wonderful dinner at Nancy & Jered’s new house! (And Christina brought Elayna & Freya back for more family fun!)

Pretty sunset from our backyard, the lil’ back deck I built while ML was in Mississippi, art shot, and two interesting buildings on Main Street in Half Moon Bay…

A couple interesting properties in HMB & Moss Beach. Lots of old wood, rusty metal bits, and some other stuff…

Various events! A silent walk around Pescadero protesting gun violence, watercolor painting in art class, Jose Perez et al. at the district end-of-year party, Kohei and his Godzilla at the HMB High art show, Sophie Mateja with our Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, and Henry Morris’ memorial gathering (his image in the that cool GMC truck and with friends & family)…

Finally, some of the kids’ events, etc. Veronica got two class awards for her academic performance in Science & Spanish, her band concert, Charlie in Marching Band (and practicing in the bathroom), and a rockin’ party at Bob & Bridgette Deacon.

Couple projects: Mini back deck and a gutter clean-out cover.

Stay tuned for some videos, and a big summer road trip on the east coast…

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