End of the School Year

The end of each school year is an impossible flurry of activities which, in our family, involve all four of us. First the kids (CUSD) In the following collection of pix, Veronica is featured playing her trumpet in the Cunha concert band’s final concert and of course her 8th grade promotion ceremony (middle school graduation); Charlie is featured playing his trombone in the HMB concert band’s final concert…





Next, the parents (LHPUSD): Just one shot of Mary Lynn’s spring concerts is here; some of the Pescadero Middle School students who swept the HMB Library Teen Poetry Contest; the production of “Matilda” (including Lucas) and our end-of-year talent show, and some shenanigans in class and on the bus. Here ya go…


Of course, that little display didn’t includeend-of-the-year field trips, end-of-the-season track & field parties, standards testing, final exams, and a bunch of stuff I’ve successfully not remembered. All in all, it was an outstanding return from our sabbatical. Both kids have done well in school, as have most of our students in LHPUSD. While I still study maps contemplating more adventures, it’s been good to be home!

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