…through a past, artly…

Here’s another lil’ slideshow of images from the Good Shepard Agricultural Mission in India that may wind up in my submissions for the Pescadero Art & Fun Festival Show.

While I posted this in May, I’ve decided to add another lil’ video here in June. It’s the past, it’s arty, and it’s kinda selfishly selfyish – that is completely – so I’ll bury it here. When we were on our trip I got into taking what I eventually called “Ceiling Selfies,” because, well, there were so many beautiful ceilings – not just in Europe (including the Sistine Chapel), but in Morocco, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and even Australia. Of course, I wound up taking selfies with the family, friends, and strangers, as well as miscellaneous spots hither & thither. Unfortunately, this slideshow is not really in chronological order, but I’m done fiddling, so here ya go…

2 thoughts on “…through a past, artly…

  1. I know I’m a “space-case”–don’t know how to see the Video!!!! Your memory bank is full of interesting, happy times–it makes me happy too!!!!!! XO


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