Fiddler on the Roof

March 2017 will go down as one of the busiest months for our little family. Charlie, after a full day of school ’til 3, went to track practice ’til 6, then play rehearsal ’til 9 or 10 – many school nights for a couple weeks. Why? Because he was the Fiddler on the Roof in HMB High’s 2017 Musical. OK, while it might seem he had the lead role, he  wasn’t Tevya, the main character. But it was a great experience for a freshman high school student, and Grandma got to go! Here are some pix…
The show ran two weekends of Friday, Saturday nights, & a Sunday matinee. Yes, I went to 5 of the 6 performances, ML to 4, so those pix are from multiple performances. Here are some video clips, also from multiple performances. However, only on Saturday nights did one get to see the kids do their special end-of-show dance. Be sure to catch the longish one, the full opening number…



4 thoughts on “Fiddler on the Roof

  1. Awesome stuff!! What a super show…what was ML’s magic hand in this production? Good work all you Pescadero Vails. Ron spoke with Joanne this morning and she was one proud grandma. It actually looks like you all had fun. What talent, Charlie must be pleased to have that proven ability. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sending you all lotsa love….

    HK xxx



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