This year, I had planned on revisiting our visitations from last year – reframing our sabbatical. However, life has a way of trumping such reminiscences, (untimely pun) and I’ve been busy with work, family, and that “stuff” we’ve returned to.

Last year when I started this blog, I wasn’t very versed at WordPress (and still have a lot to learn). Wifi precluded much uploading, and I didn’t post half the pix & vids I’d shot. So, I was hoping to make a few more slideshows of the first months of our big trip and fill in some of the gaps. Here are three!

The first is from when we left California, flew to Boston, drove to NYC, then sailed to English. Check it out: “Left to East”…


The second is in England where we spent about three weeks. Thanks to Allison Nyssens and her family, we had an extended stay at Pemsey Farm in Kent. We visited Canterbury, London, Lewes (where I’d gone to school at 13), Brighton, and Windsor before returning to Pemsey to help out again after Allison broke her leg. Then we took the ferry to Calais. So, here is “Britannia”…


After a lovely late summer in England, we went “To the Continent.” This slideshow is about our stays in Belgium (Ghent, Bruges, Brussells), Germany (Wiesbaden, along the Rhine), France (Paris & Burgundy), and Spain (San Sebastian, Madrid, Seville). It ends right before our extended stay in Cadiz. By that time (in fact by Burgundy), I was better at posting and we had great internet, so our time in Cadiz is pretty well documented. Good times…


It may not happen during this winter break, but I hope to go over other parts of the trip and make a few more slideshows. Nepal, Vietnam, & Cambodia, and our stay at the Good Shepard Agricultural Mission are less well documented. I know I’m counting on the pictures to tell their thousand words, but that they could still use some explication. Questions, suggestions, comments…?  Relax & Enjoy!

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