Hoi An

After the history lessons of Hué, we drove through Da Nang to get to Hoi An for some culture lessons. Our hotel, the Little Hoi An Boutique Hotel, was very well located on the edge of the old town. The appeal of Hoi An is in the streets of old town, although I found it rather more touristy/commericial than charming. However, when the sun sets and the lights come on reflecting across the river, the area becomes quite romantic. This first set is from a walk around town on our first of three nights in Hoi An. I walked through a couple different market areas, into a couple temples, and down a couple allies. Note the pic of a telephone/power pole, it is similar to others I took in India and Nepal, and similar to the painting on the same topic further below. Enjoy…

After a refreshing night in our wonderful hotel, we had a less refreshing experience trying to go for a bike ride. The bikes were janckity, no helmuts provided, and the streets were a seeming demolition derby of beeping motorbikes, honking cars, and not much margin for error. Note of pic of one of those motorbikes hauling away two of our bikes. Once in a taxi, we made it safely to a fishing village where we took a ride in a basket boat. The kids got quite a kick out of crab fishing and caught several. Catch some of these…

Then we went to two businesses that did not seem on the tourist track. The first was a fish sauce operation, and the second was a rice cake maker. While interesting, I once again became grateful for the FDA, Health Depts., and various regulations about food production. The fish sauce place was disgusting with huge open vats of squished fish that sit for a year then are filtered into bottles. The rice cakes or rice & sesame tortillas was less offensive, but they were drying out on the sidewalk right next to the road and the inevitable dust that comes up with every car and many a motorbike. Some pix…

Just a couple pix from our second night in Hoi An. The telephone/power pole painting, some bamboo bikes, an art shop, and the lights of the city…

On our last full day, a free day, we went to the beach. Free shuttle from the hotel and we hung out at a restaurant affiliated with our hotel. I took a couple strolls down the beach and found a pill box, a little Buddhist alter, and mini forest of sorts. Fun in the sun…

Here are some pix of our hotel, most of the semi-indoor pool we’ve enjoyed…

This last set was from our third and last night. It was a full moon and there was a full moon lantern festival (another related link) going on. Many of the lights that had been along the river the previous night were turned off, and there were many more candles floating in little cardboard boxes on the river. Different, but also beautiful and somewhat more captivating.


Study Questions:

  1. Research Hoi An. For what is it famous?
  2. Research the Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival (links). What, why, how?
  3. Choose to research crab fishing, fish sauce, or rice cakes. What are some details, and why did you choose what you did?

One thought on “Hoi An

  1. Once again–so very interesting!!! I keep thinking how full to overflowing your minds must be! And in addition to all the sights, sounds, surprises–just think what you’ve learned about packing, coping, patience and blessings!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mama AND papa are fascinated as we travel with you!! XO


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