Hué, Pt. 1

After our second day hiking in Sapa, we freshened up in a hotel room then slept on the train back to Hanoi. There we freshened up again in another hotel room room before catching an afternoon flight to Hue. We checked into yet another hotel room and got even fresher. The next day we toured Hue with our guide Toan (all that freshness melted in the heat and humidity), and visited important sites related to the Nguyen dynasty that ruled Vietnam from 1802 to 1945.

This first set of pix is from our flight and first night in Hue, but first here’s a clip of the plane landing, and last, the pool on the 7th floor of the Asia Hotel…


After a nice breakfast, we met in the lobby and went on a tour that focused on the Nguyen Dynasty. First, we went to the tomb of Minh Mang, the second emperor, famous for being a good ruler and have 500 concubines…

This set shows more of the complex and the actual hill in which he is buried…


Next, we went to the tomb of Khai Dinh (father of the last emperor Bao Dai, who lost his rule to Uncle Ho Chi Minh). Neither was considered particularly effective and had capitulated to the French, but the complex was impressive…


Statues of mandarins, servants, horses, and elephants, are meant to serve the king in the afterlife (heaven or hell?)…


The mosaics in the mausoleum of Khai Dinh are spectacular and perhaps the main reason that the complex took 11 years to complete…


Study Questions:

  1. Research the Nguyen Dynasty. Give some basic info: when, where, who, how? How did it start and how did it end?
  2. Research Minh Mang. Discuss his rule, and his progeny.
  3. Research Khai Dinh. Discuss his rule, and his progeny.

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