Sa Pa, Pt. 2

After our hike on Thursday, we came back to our hotel, but I couldn’t help but take another walk around Sapa town. (Most of the rest of the pix are of Friday’s hike.) Here ya go…

After a nice dinner, sleep, breakfast, we were off on another trek in another part of the region. Our hike included stops in a couple Hmong homes. We saw the manufacture of textiles from the spinning to the weaving to the dying, etc. I also take other people’s group shots: above a group of older Vietnamese folks, below a family with five boys. And here are a couple walls of old wood, which I love. Enjoy…


Here are some of the local textiles and a bucket of indigo (which we’ve seen growing here in the valley)…

Another set of pix: our guides house, a family photo, chicks, duck, buffalo, kids in a swimming hole, etc…


Study Questions:

  1. Where are the videos? OK, they’re coming.
  2. Research textiles & dye. Bring it.
  3. Photo analysis. What do you see?

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