Ha Long Bay, Pt. 2

Here is more of the magnificent Halong Bay, several pix from the top of Ti-Top Island and our cruise ship…


After kayaking on the second day, Charlie and I jumped off the ship (a different one for kayaking from the one we slept in). Here we are jumping ship…


The food on board was great, very local, and just too much. There were six or seven dishes for each meal, every kind of local seafood, interesting carved garnishes, and watermelon juice…!


Halong Bay has a number of floating fishing villages where every lives on boats, and we saw them from the ship. We stopped at a Pearl Farm and had a demonstration of how the process works. Personally, the size of the seeds (little plastic balls) was a little disheartening, and I’m not sure if they eat the oysters…

Halong Bay has dozens of caves as part of its fascinating geology. Sung Sot Cave is the largest and a busy tourist destination. Lots of discussion about what various shapes resembled. Spelunkage…



Here are some more clips. One shows some of the tour boats bumping into each other as they gathered around a couple karsts that are apparent symbols of Halong Bay (and ya gotta get a pic), and another shows a guy smoking on a gasoline barge. Enjoy…

Misc. shots of Halong Bay. A deck I particularly enjoyed, karsts in the mist, the famous Halong rocks, and a vertical pano at the mouth of Sung Sot cave…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Halong Bay again (another link?). Discuss geologic & human history, and any thing else you didn’t from the first post. How about seafood?!
  2. Research Sung Sot Cave (link) and caves in general. How are they formed? What is depicted in the pix? List of famous caves?
  3. Research pearl farming. How is it done? What is a pearl’s value? Discuss pearl economics. Read John Steinbeck’s book “The Pearl” What is the moral of that story?

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