Hanoi, Vietnam

After 10 days in Nepal, we took a night flight from Kathmandu to Hanoi, via Kuala Lumpur. We are taking an inexpensive tour of some of the key sites in North Vietnam before a short volunteer opportunity in Quy Nhon, then venturing further south.

Fortunately for our first day, we were able to rest and regroup. The Gondola Hotel is in the heart of old town, near the lake, and quite comfortable. It also has great wifi which allowed me to update my blog. Here are some pix of our first day in Vietnam…


The shops tend to agglomerate in the old town with one part of a street full of eyeglasses, another full of veggies or meat, another with electronics or clothing or hardware stores. I came across one area that had a lot of artist shops full of original paintings – some just stacked up and some of work quite good. Just a taste…


Another stroll in the neighborhood as evening turned into a Saturday night…


Pano at night…


Some Clips…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Hanoi. What are the main sites, especially in and around old town?
  2. How does the construction in Vietnam compare with that of India & Nepal?

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