GSAM, Pt. 2

The Good Shepard Agricultural Mission (GSAM) has a long story (Check the link!). Here is part of it on the plaque that will go next to this John Deere tractor in the centre of the Mission. The family photo shows Rick & Maxine (the Strong’s daughter) and their three biological kids. Their son Clifton now runs the Mission with Rick’s help. Charlie & Veronica are helping stack some bricks, and Petey is the family dog (a boxer!). Check ’em out…

Here are some pix of the Maxton Strong School which is relatively new, has been recently added to, and for which there are more plans to expand. Also, here are some shots of the kids at the Mission…

Rick (né Warwick Shipway), Clifton’s Dad and Max Strong’s son-in-law, is an amazing handy man with many skills. He is a veritable MacGyver and is in constant motion fixing and building everything. Sunny was one of the kids in the orphanage, but has grown up and is now part of the staff.


Here are a few extra pix from the car when Rick drove us to a doctor’s office to get Charlie’s stitches removed (and take one of the kids for a check up).


Finally, here are few more pix of the farm, the workshop, and Amir…

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