Agra, Pt. 1

Our flight from Chandigarh to Delhi was easy breezy, and put us in town on the early side. Spent the after noon and the night in a lovely little guest house called The Colonel’s Retreat in a residential neighborhood (according to our taxi driver, for retired military. Next morning – after meeting the colonel himself – we were driven from Delhi to Agra and are staying at another lovely little home stay call The Coral Tree. After relaxing there for a couple hours, we went for a tour of the Red Fort of Agra and the Taj Mahal at sunset. The first set is in and around the Coral Tree home stay and the Taj Mahal from across the river, etc…


The Red Fort at Agra is somewhat comparable to Forbidden City in Beijing. It is a vast palace with room after room of imperial splendor, but it takes some imagination to appreciate. First, back in the day, much of the carved marble and sandstone were painted not plain, and the inlays that are left need to be seen up close. Next, according to our guide, we tourists only had access to about 15% of the fort which was substantial (the rest is occupied by the Indian Army). It is evident that this bastion of the Mughal empire is enormous and was intricate. While impressive, the history of neglect and looting in the aftermath of its heyday require that imagination and some understanding of what was there to feel the splendor. Our guide Yogesh did a wonderful job conveying images of a time gone by…

Agra Fort continued…


Study Questions:

  1. Look at the links about the Agra Fort and the Mughal Empire. What’s interesting or important, and why?
  2. Which pictures give the most information and why? Compare to Google images and discuss.

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