After seven nights at Linda’s Home Stay in Kochi, we took another night train to Goa, where we’re staying at the Agonda Beach Resort (right on Agonda Beach!). The train ride was nice (I gotta lotta sleep), and this place is even nicer. Some pix from the train and at our place in Agonda…


More pix around Agonda. Charlie & I had an exciting morning rock climb, various cows, a family of pigs, lazy goalie, lazier bike, panos, etc…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Goa. Who colonized it, for how long, and what happened in 1961?
  2. Research beaches. The best?

2 thoughts on “Goa

  1. Well, the Portuguese of course, they ruled the area which was annexed to India in 1961. I recall visiting the visiting body of St Francis Xavier in a Goa church circa 1985…is he still there? A missionary with a reputation I would not honour. Best beach…I would say back in Kovalam! I dunno…Patnem beach ‘was’ pretty cool. You tell us what you find! šŸ™‚


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