Kochi, Pt. 4

Of course beach experiences are plentiful in Kerala. More than one evening, I/we strolled along the walkway from the Chinese Nets to Fort Kochi Beach and next to Mahatma Gandhi beach – and many others seemed to have had the same idea. One day we took the ferry and a longish rickshaw ride up to Cherai Beach and went swimming (not advised off Fort Kochi beaches). Here are some pix here, there, and along the way (beware of sharks)…


Some panos at the beach and at the Chinese Nets…



Here’s another set of random pix from around Fort Kochi. The view from the roof of Le Linda’s Homestay, Linda in a neighbor’s kitchen, a classic Ambassador belonging to the Old Harbor Hotel, our yoga instructor in the old Cochin Club (built by the British over a hundred years ago, various shop displays, etc…


Finally (for now), here are some pix of a visit to historical sites in Mattancherry, just next to Fort Kochi. We visited the Jain Temple, Mattancherry Palace, and the Jewish Synagogue. None of them allowed photography inside, but these are from the outside (or I was being sneaky). Strange juxtaposition of swastikas and the Star of David, but Jainism was using that symbol for hundreds of years before it was turned around and corrupted by the Nazis.


Study Questions:

  1. Research the Jewish diaspora and Jewish enclaves throughout the world. Write about small Jewish communities in India or places other than Israel and the West.
  2. Research Jainism and its relation to other religions in India. Describe its founding, scriptures, fundamental tenets, comparison to other India religions, etc.
  3. Research the beaches along the Arabian Sea. What’s interesting? Write about it!

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