Togo, 1981

I was wandering through the backwaters of my laptop and came across these pix from 1981 when I went on the UC Education Abroad Program to France & Togo. Somehow I lost my slides from that great experience, but had given some copies to my friend and cohort, John Thomason, who digitized them and eventually sent the ones from Togo to me. Sadly, John died of cancer in 2010, but there we were almost 35 years ago.

One black & white was a funny formal shot with a friend from Chad (he’s the one in the suit), the other is of our housing at the Université du Benin in Lomé. There are some of John (shopping, on our dig in Notse [ancient wall of Agokoli the first], and meetings with various tribal elders), and random shots with kids & old folks, at Voodoo ceremonies & the Université. Check out the wild elephants…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Togo and the history of West Africa, perhaps the sources of Haitian Voodoo. Write about it.
  2. Research educational exchange programs, and the international opportunities that are available to college students. Plan your year abroad.

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