Rome, Pt. 5

During our stay in Rome we moved from an AirBnb near the Trevi Fountain to one in Trastevere, across the river. While the latter seems to be popular, we much preferred the former. It was a bigger & better apartment, had a convenient/adjacent metro stop, and I’m liking that neighbourhood better than Trastevere (Greenwich-Melrose-Mission that it may be). After visiting some of Rome’s classic sites (Colliseum, Vatican, etc.) we continued to wander the city meandering down streets, into churches, hither and thither.

Here are some church pix…


Miscellaneous views of the Tiber, Piazza Navona, Trastevere, etc…


Around town we encountered “street art,” some better than others, a few cars, window displays, amongst this and than…

Study Questions:

  1. What do you think of grafitti on ancient structures and in general?
  2. Do these photos teach anything? Do you have a favorite? Why?


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