Rome, Pt. 1

After some trepidation about driving in Rome, we decided to bust the move we’d done before and drop our stuff off at the AirBnb, then I’d go return the rental car. Perhaps it was the Sunday afternoon when we arrived, perhaps it was an easy route, perhaps Roman traffic has improved, in any case it was easy, breezy, Lemon squeezy. Parking spot right out front, zilch congestion, and now I’m a pro at a seventh-floor-parking structure-at-the-train-station-rental-drop-off. (And the Ford mini-van automatic had the best luggage space so far!)

That, and the fact our apartment is well located near the Barberini Metro, has three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and good wifi, made for a nice arrival in Rome. The next morning we walked by the Trevi Fountain, through the Forum area, to the Colosseum. Here are some pix…


Study Questions:

  1. Research Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire.
  2. Relate what you learn to at least one photograph.

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