Morocco, Pt. 4

A friend of ours, as likely a bunch of other folks have, described Morocco as a shopper’s paradise. The paradise concept might be open to some debate, but certainly there are many people in the business of selling stuff. With the exception of some micro-gifts, we did not contribute to this economy. Here are some pix from Essouira, Marrakech, Casablanca, and Tangier…

3 thoughts on “Morocco, Pt. 4

    • What are the “big bargains” at all the markets? Are the items imported from elsewhere? Your pictures are incredible – I’m really enjoying them.
      Love, Oma


      • Big bargains depend on your bargaining power. Given the competition, if there was something I liked I probably wouldn’t bargain to hard. Unfortunately for the many merchants, I do not want what I have not got. However for the discerning tourist the rugs and woven items are great, there are interesting leather goods, ceramics, and jewellery. Argan oil, spices, and fresh food are local, but some of the clothing, cleaning supplies, and junk food are imported. I imagine the hash I was offered was local, but those guys didn’t have stands or shops…!


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