Cadiz, Pt. 9 – Miscellany

Here are some pix & clips that are sort of random!

First, Manuel de Falla, his Teatro – inside & out, the Cadiz Cathedral organ, and a gallery painting…


Religious marching band outside the beautiful church down the street from our apartment…


Veggie market stall, Mutis the botanist, street art, cathedral tower, and Cadiz rooftops from our own just after sunset….


Live street music and a local artist near the cathedral…


The city wall with lamp & shadows, more lamps, more rooftops, abandoned architectural walkway, Cunard’s Queen Victoria in port, the new & famous suspension bridge…


Boogie boarders at the Playa de Santa Maria…

5 thoughts on “Cadiz, Pt. 9 – Miscellany

  1. hmmm my comments just got erased I think.
    Anyway, was appreciating catching up on your blog, love all the light. Would also love to hear C & V’s perspectives at some point.
    And I had a question about whether you’re seeing big job in the nativity scenes and could remind me where this came from…or perhaps it was an odd Barcelona tradition. 🙂


    • Howdy,
      There are Christmas decorations around town, but not much in the way of nativity scenes, nor big jobs therein. However, we’ve encountered plenty of doggy mcnuggets hereabouts.
      More on C&V when next we facechat.


  2. Well it seems I have caught up on the blog. On in one sitting, might I add. That was done by choice, happily, not in a “ugh” kind of sitting. Truly fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing, Vail.


  3. Wow!
    Glad you liked smellin’ what I’m steppin’ in, and I promise more – eventually.
    I reckon you got a hankerin’ for history (or history of Hank?) – thanks!
    Taking requests – questions, comments, statements, or manifestoes…?
    Happy Holidays!


  4. Ha! So out of touch, we just learned of your big sabbatical adventure! Looking forward to delving into your prolific blog a bit at a time. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays from Palo Alto. Tom and Noelle


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