Pano Please

The iPhone 6 has a great camera with great features. One is the pano, and here are a few of them. The main square in Brussels, the Rhine River, the family history of Reinstein Castle (same family for 1000 years), Luxembourg, outside the Louvre, from the Eiffel Tower, La Villette, from Vezelay and environs, San Sebastian, the Mineral Museum in Madrid (two sets of kiddos), from the Palacio Real, out on the town, Vejer de la Frontera and environs, Sevilla and the Plaza de España there, the choir and the crypt in Cadiz Cathedral, from San Sebastian castle in Cadiz and at the beach. Here’s to taking the long view…



3 thoughts on “Pano Please

  1. Very cool – what a great way to look at the scene – thanks for sharing your wonderful visions of the iPhone as well as of your educated mind!!!


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