Cadiz, Pt. 6 – “Costa de la Luz”

Southern Spain is famous for its warm weather. East from the Strait of Gibraltar, along the Mediterranean coast, is known as the Costa del Sol. To the west, along the Atlantic coast, is known as the Costa de la Luz. (Sun + Light = Sunlight!) There have been a couple cloudy days, but even in autumn the sun is radiant. Here are some pix & clips on that theme, and of course the ocean that surrounds us…

The first clip, a time lapse of sunset on a modern suspension bridge, shows the brand new Puente de la Pepa, now the longest bridge in Spain, and the roundabout known as the Cadiz Stirrup. It was completed only a couple months ago, and we’ve crossed it twice!

One thought on “Cadiz, Pt. 6 – “Costa de la Luz”

  1. randomcomments for randomvail…
    Cadiz. One of the oldest cities in Europe and earliest inhabited in Spain. Also a main port for the Spanish Navy. Thanks Wikipedia and Apple maps. Is there evidence of the Spanish Armada? The natural geographical protection of that harbor looks like it rivals our own SF Bay.
    Had any good coffee lately?


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