Cadiz, Pt. 4 – Graffiti

When we were at Pemsey Farm in England, we met John Townsend, a friend of the Nyssens, who owns a company that sells anti-graffiti paint (other paints washes off of it easily). I didn’t realise at the time how much graffiti and tagging is all over European cities, but there’s a lot. (Thus does he drive some very nice cars!) Some of it is artistic, much of it is just vandalism, but it’s not the kind of thing one photographs when visiting cultural/historical/architectural sites. Now that we’ve seen the tourist sites, we can look a little closer, perhaps beyond, perhaps at other things like graffiti. So here are some pix around Cadiz, but it’s stuff I found compelling. (Much of it is just ugly tagging that I haven’t bothered to memorialise.)


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