Cadiz, Pt. 3

Now that we have settled in a bit, enrolled the kids at school, and done some snooping about hither and thither, it’s starting to feel like home. Here are some random pix (Charlie in a big old tree, Veronica getting her hair cut, going to school, laundry on the roof, Plaza de Flores, etc.)…

And of course there is a lovely central market, and on Fridays especially, it is filled with good stuff. In the middle of the market, since Cadiz is of course surrounded by the ocean, there is a lot of seafood. Fish fish!

One thought on “Cadiz, Pt. 3

  1. So happy for you guys. Cadiz seems like the perfect spot. Lucas & Rosa would love to hear more from Charlie & Veronica about how school is going. Maybe we can schedule a catch up soon.


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