Ooops! It’s 2021… Part 2

A word about WordPress: If you go back to the beginning of my blog in 2015, there are short, not well formatted, posts. I got into it more and eventually made huge posts with multiple galleries of many photos. This new block editor is already changing my posts, hopefully for the better, but I hope the old stuff can stay as it is – kind of an archive. Speaking of which, I’m planning some archival posts, pix of pix from bygone days….

Back to the Ooops: It may be that the fires from last summer (rather than Covid) caused my hiatus. Watching the fire burn towards us, then being evacuated for a week (leaving our home, expecting it to burn up), all was very traumatic, but also reorienting, perhaps causing a ‘bearable lightness of being.. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky…?

Anywayz, this’ll be a longer post as clip some snippets from the last several months, certainly, as always, random! First up, more on the fires, then commentary as we roll…

Slo-mo of the cozy home fires burnin’…
Time lapse of CZU lightening fire just over Butano Ridge (taken from Haskins Hill). Note smoke bursts!

The collection below includes the aftermath of the fires, celebration at the Fire Station, and a visit to Pie Ranch (which was much more imperiled and suffered far more damage, including the destruction of their historic ranch house from the 1860s). The hills above their new home (thankfully spared) were particularly scorched, and you can see how some trees burned down into the roots, some of which have continued to burn for months!

Please know, as we’re now in the midst of another hot summer during a drought, the fire dangers continue. Much work is still being done to prepare for a repeat. Nonetheless, other. aspects of life go on, let’s keep going…

Supermoon! ~ (“Pink” or “Flower”?)

The collection above is on the theme of nature, pix from bikes & hikes (and community service for Veronica)…

The collection below is on the theme of Covid, getting vaccinated, pix with Mom, and Zooming with students…

Uncle Jered’s birthday party at the Santa Cruz Roller Pavilion

The collection above is from Mother’s Day and Jered’s Birthday, two Pie Ranchie events: a lovely afternoon dinner at the Lawson-Vails, and a rolling out of the rollerblades at the Santa Cruz roller pavilion…

The collection below is random: spring disc golf course, hidden beach/tidepool expedition with A. Burr, climbing roses, trail-walking (& bush-whacking) around CLHG, a lovely giant moth, and a preview of the library post…

Happy Trails to You!

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