Graduation 2021

Ceremony #2 under the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year, Charlie’s graduation was a strictly distanced & masked single file line through the Half Moon Bay High, the stage in the gym. Speeches, etc. were recorded for consumption asynchronously. Actually, super efficient, but perhaps not as collegial, etc.

Also last year, Pescadero High School had a drive in graduation which was comparatively kind of fun, what with the horns honking and all. This year, the stage was in the same place outside in front of the gym, but there were chairs for everyone to sit (not in their cars). Nakshli was the valedictorian, Jackie the salutatorian. (Kevin v. Phil…?)

This year at Half Moon Bay High, Veronica’s graduation was outside on the football field, distanced, masked, but all together live with a big screen TV for those far away in the stands. Good times! Enjoy the stage walk, then pix of the event, some kooky miscellany, a trip to UCSC, and the prom party a couple days later…

Congrats kid, and on pretty much all A+’s for four years…!

One thought on “Graduation 2021

  1. Hey Randy,

    Another assortment of awesome images. Thank you for sharing them and getting readjusted to word press. It’s a good archive. Pretty interesting how we get up to a lot in a year. You have a lot to celebrate and appreciate. I see 😊 Your kids are growing up as they all do, congratulations with two decent and stellar kids. Sometimes it feels like everything is just starting! It was great to see Mary Lynn and Veronica in Colorado. Vast beauty!

    Our love and happy thoughts to you all,

    H & R Xx

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