Ooops! It’s 2021… Part 1

A lot can happen in a year and it has been almost that long since I last posted. I’m not blaming it on the coronavirus, but it has seemed Iike we’ve been in a state of suspended inanimation. Maybe it’s just me. In any case, it is time to ease back into publishing some thoughts and photos, writing and pictures, ideas and images. However, in the interim WordPress has changed and I gotta figure out this block editor system. Please bear with me. (Even if I just do a return, I make a new block (sheesh)).

So, first up our little house, round about the time of the fires. We survived, but will we again? Next, some pix from the Roquena Trail bridge project, a summer 2020 extended endeavor that was pulled off thanks to Liam Hussey, Grant Kern, and a great crew of guys who spent several days over more weeks getting almost done (we’re still waiting on the locally sourced redwood railings). Finally, there’s a miscellaneous batch of the fires, some hikes, kayaks, Zoom meetings, etc. More on the way…

2 thoughts on “Ooops! It’s 2021… Part 1

  1. Congratulations on a life well lived!
    Justine, my 40 year old daughter who had you as a teacher at North Hollywood HGM, told me recently that you were one of the 2 best teachers she ever had through her entire education, including her masters.
    Many thanks for your marvelous teaching and role modeling!
    Elisabeth Schroeder

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