Summer 2019, Pt. 1

As already presented in previous posts, our trip to South America was the big event of Summer 2019. But that was only three weeks, and summer has been more than three months, not without some other fun events. One of them was Mom turning 90 years old on July 15th. Not only did we have a big surprise party on that day (thanks to Nancy’s prep), but came back to Dominican Oaks for the July birthday event. Some pix…


Back up in La Honda, we also had Jose Perez and his family – wife Diana and their three girls – over for dinner. (Pano distortion!)



It was also a summer of many house projects: new dishwasher, paint touch-ups, shed pad construction, and new gravel for the driveway, corral, and pathways. Most importantly, after much waiting and a few CLHG meetings, Ventura Avenue (our street) got repaved – and it’s beautiful! As I write this, our new shed is being built, but you’ll have wait to take a look. Meanwhile, enjoy new ground…

Timelapse of retaining blocks for shed pad (after laying down the first and most important row.  (Only a little bit of backache.)


In preparation to teach the Big History Project 10th grade World History curriculum, I attended a conference at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. So, I couldn’t help but tour the museum, and here are just a few pix taken…

I do want you, dear reader, to check out the Big History Project. It is a game-changer in education, but just one of several big changes for next year. We’ve also adopted courses from UC Curriculum Integration and UC Scout (after much research into various programs). Please explore Big History…


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