San Gimignano, etc.

San Gimignano is beautiful hilltop village featuring several towers, and we can see them on the horizon to the south of our villa outside Certaldo. After spending most of the day in Siena, we came to San Gimignano via an old fortress. Here are some pix…

First, the fortress…


San Gimignano is similar in layout to Certaldo Alto, but larger with several towers and more beige than red. We had a nice but quick stroll through town, then caught the sunset from a turret on a wall.


Here’s a weird finding! Go back to the fortress pix and find the girl mannequin in blue in a cavernous cryptish niche with dangling glass bulb things. It was an obscure little corner of an obscure ancient building. Funny little art thing, I thought. But then in San Gimignano there she was again, this time in a yellow dress. Turns out Kiki Smith is a well known artist, but I haven’t figured out how many of these installations there are (this is the one in San Gimignano).


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