From the North Atlantic, Pt. 3

IMG_2830“Teach your children well” was the last song Crosby, Stills, Nash played at their concert on Monday evening. A great show, they played many of their classic hits, and the rather geriatric audience was quite enthusiastic. Of course CSN themselves are rather geriatric. Stills seems to need (or have had) a hip replacement, and the white hair of Crosby and Nash seemed not to flow or move around all that much. And now, two days later, as ML and I sit in the interview session Wednesday morning, Nash is talking about being a grandfather for the 4th time. Several other comments had to do with their progeny, nostalgic reminiscences, and the changing ways of the world. But of course we must, as they opened their show, “Carry On!”

The programmes on the QM2, delivered every evening about the next day, are packed with events: lectures, demonstrations, exhibits, planetarium shows, workshops, symposia, and a hyper-caloric phantasmagoria of gastronomic excess. In addition to rock shows, there are jazz combos, reggae groups, pianists, guitarists, harpists, comedians, magicians, opera singers, dance shows, and several trivia/quiz events each day. Among the 14 decks are five pools (and at least six jacuzzis), five dining rooms, the largest library at sea, several bars, game rooms, a casino, a ball room, the concert hall, and (as mentioned) the planetarium that doubles as a lecture hall. It is no wonder that the decks are strewn with passengers like elephant seals at Año Nuevo, what with the onslaught of activities and culinary indulgence. Then of course there is a spa for massages and various therapies, golf, table tennis, shuffleboard, quoits, and three laps around deck 7 equals 1.1 miles. While writing and planning were high on my to do list, there is simply too much to do!

At noon each day (five of which immediately become 1:00 pm as we move forward in time & space), the captain comes on the PA system and tells us about our location, a variety of nautical details, and related historical events. Today in fact is one for the record books. Queen Elizabeth II just surpassed Queen Victoria as the longest reigning British monarch in history, and we were informed of her christenings of most of the ships in the Cunard fleet. Other notable events were not noted however. Today Apple will announce some new products that we may be soon using (if not the large iPad, iOS 9 perhaps); and on the other side of the world (where they’ve advanced so many hours that it’s now tomorrow, my dear brother Ronald is having his 52nd birthday! Cheers old chap, and we’ll be toasting you this evening at tonight’s formal dinner and masquerade ball. Hip, hip, hooray; hip, hip who, Ron?; hip, hip, hip replacement coming your way!

Here are some pix of dinner, our table mates from Devon, on deck, etc…


Some clips on the ship…


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