From the North Atlantic, Pt. 2

NYC, Day 3.

The next day, our last in the USA, we were able to take it kind of easy. Had a late breakfast, checked out but left bags, then walked to Battery Park for some street performers, a view of the harbor (and our ship looming on the other side of Governor’s Island) and a little snack. A taxi took us back over the Brooklyn Bridge to port terminal 12 and we embarked on the Queen Mary 2. After a festive departure through NY harbor past the Statue of Liberty and barely under the Verranzano bridge, we went to the first of series of fancy dinners in the Britannia restaurant.

QM2, NYC to Southampton, Day 3.

The preparations to leave town, the grueling flight, the crazy drive from Boston to NYC, and two jam packed days of sight seeing there have left me rather flogged. While we have enjoyed the amenities of the ship and I’ve attend attended a couple computer workshops and a lecture about the Magna Carta, I’ve spent more time sleeping than frolicking out on deck. We have attended some great shows each evening after dinner, and tonight is the Crosby, Stills, Nash concert. With that and the massive swells in the North Atlantic, Rock On!

First, NYC continued…


Next, some pix from the QM2: on deck, at our table, at a show…

Goodbye to NYC, the grandeur of the dining room and just outside, well dressed kids are usually well behaved kids, and our family in the lobby…

3 thoughts on “From the North Atlantic, Pt. 2

  1. We sailed on the QM2 last May (Southampton to New York). It was wonderful–gym classes, speakers, high tea, entertainment at night–we were never board. The planetarium repeated the same show, so one visit was adequate. Have fun! (Did you know there’s a kennel on board?)


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